Dermalogica Expiry Dates Explained

Is it safe to use Dermalogica products after the expiry date has passed?

This is a great question and one we are asked quite frequently.

Not all Dermalogica products have expiry dates - this is because only some products contain active ingredients which can over time, become less effective. Also, expiration dates only indicate when the active ingredients in the formula are likely to expire; the product might still perform otherwise.

Products with expiry dates are for the most part, perfectly safe to use after the expiry date.

"If a sunscreen expires, there is a chance it is still good for another year," says Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research and Development for Dermalogica. "But just like prescription drugs, a pharmacist would tell you to toss them. Once you reach that date there is no guarantee that the level of activity is still present. The only way to truly know whether your product is still guaranteed effective for its intended use is to test it in a lab."

Of course, you probably don't have a lab at your disposal, which is why we put together this handy guide for Dermalogica products. Use it to go through your skin care regimen annually, toss formulas that no longer guaranteed effective and replenish your favourites. To extend the life of your products for as long as possible, store them in a cool place out of direct sunlight and heat.

We try to list the expiry dates of products which have less than six months' left until expiry, so if you see a product listed on the site without an expiry it's either because the product doesn't have an expiry date at all, or because it has more than six months until it expires.

Dermalogica Expiry Dates Info Graphic